Getting a good rank in Google is harder than said. With all thousands of other rival websites and opponents competing for the same goal, to achieve a greater rank in Google, it becomes quite hard for a start-up to even appear on the search results, let alone good ranking. So in this competitive market one can not simply afford to waste its first impression upon Google. Google has been known to regularly update its search and ranking algorithms and the latest to receive it is Google Panda. With the ranking algorithms being updated you might run into the trouble of not getting the desired ranks for your site. But don't worry all the following tips will work for websites that have been online for a while, and prevent you from getting enlisted in Google's 'bad website' list.

To rank better on Google the one and only thing a website has to do is, is to impress the ranking algorithm employed by Google and show Google that your site can actually be trusted upon. So some search engine optimization experts have described the time the Google spider or crawler enters your website as having a personalized date with Google. But I, myself, like to think it as having an interview for a job position you have long awaited for. You have to act intelligently, answer smartly, show confidence in yourself and impress the interviewer with your "mad skills". So without further addition, let's dig deep into the optimization tips to have a better interview with Google so that the result always comes out positive.


Be Punctual


Just as being punctual in your interview pays off, the Google crawler also gives credits to those websites which are punctual. That is why once Edward Bulwer-Lytton claimed, "Punctuality is the stern virtue of men of business, and the graceful courtesy of princes". As a website owner you should always be careful whether your website loads on time or it lags a little. Sites that load slowly do not get indexed properly as they offer a bad experience to both search engine crawlers and human users, who might be browsing the website later on. So be sure to check your website thoroughly and find out whether your website loads as fast as expected. If it is a bit slow then you should look into your site's barebones to figure out the problem, or if you do not have any idea how a website work and had appointed a web design firm to design the website for you then you should contact them immediately and confront them with the issues you have been facing with your website. But if even they fail to solve the slow loading issues then you are better off contacting your web host provider, as sometimes it is the web host who makes your website run slower than expected. So it is always recommended to go with a web host which is reliable, have been in the game for years and have a large customer base.


taking showerDon't Forget To Take a Shower


Being clean and fresh is undoubtedly one of the most important rules while appearing for an interview. You should always make sure that your website is not throwing random errors while browsing through it. This will make the indexing much harder for the search engine crawler, and chances are it will not even index your website. So it is always good to check your website with an auditor tool which will find out any errors for you and let you know the same if there exists one. Alongside you should also be careful that your website is not serving as a secret den for malwares. If your website is infected with harmful malwares then Google will blacklist your site, and make sure your website does not appear in the search result - Pheww, that is stern! To make your website clean you can run your website through a web based antivirus system to figure out the malwares that might have been hiding in your website and clean them as required.


web crawlers
Appearance Matters


Having a good appearance does the most part of an interview. So when the Google crawler enters your website it should find an attractive website bound to garner thousands of visitors. Your website should look good on both the mobile devices and desktops. It should be as organized as possible in terms of page structure. Be sure to have all of your pages straightly accessible from your homepage to get them indexed, and make sure those children pages link back to your homepage in some way. Maintain some kind of network structure within your website so that the crawler does not end up in some kind of dead end. Along with this make sure you have pages like About Us and Privacy Policy ready, as researchers have found that Google actually trusts sites that share these information with their users.


vouch Who Is Vouching For You?


Just like a physical interview if you have the wrong person to vouch for you for the job you are applying for, then most likely you will not even be considered for the position. So when gathering backlinks for your website make sure you are getting them from top quality sources not from some random website. Linking to and from spam engulfed websites will result in Google thinking that your website is a spammy one too.


Be Unique In Your Own Way


Maintaining uniqueness and intelligence while answering all those rapid fire mind boggling questions asked during an interview will always earn you support from the recruiter. So make sure your website contains unique contains, not some copied content from other website or automatically generated spam content to earn from affiliate marketing. I do agree that it is quite hard to come up with 100% unique content these days but maintaining at least 70% uniqueness is all the crawler wants (still highly debated by the expert SEO community).


Make Sure Your Previous Employer Left Positive Reviews About You


Just as much as it is needed for a physical interview, if your website is positively reviewed and rated by users then your chance of climbing the stair becomes easier. So always pay attention to what people are saying about you.

As hard as it might have sounded, cracking the Google crawler interview and ranking better is quite easy if you follow the above mentioned tips religiously.